Executive assistant salary 2021

Explore the average executive assistant salary in the UAE

  • Executive assistant:
    US $62,000 – US$102,000
  • Personal assistant:
    US$44,000 – US$65,500

Job prospects for Executive Assistants

When it comes to roles in the administrative and business support sector, executive assistants are some of the most in-demand professionals. They are currently enjoying a wealth of new job opportunities as an entrepreneurial and startup boom takes the UAE by storm.

Top talent is difficult to find in the human resources and administrative support sector, with 33% of CEOs stating that finding qualified candidates is a struggle. With this in mind, EAs with previous UAE experience in the role can hope to have their pick of the best job offers.

For executive assistant roles, soft skills and digital skills are the most valuable. As well as excellent interpersonal skills, professionals will need to demonstrate that they’re comfortable with new software platforms and that they can be trusted to manage multiple tasks across different time zones.

Executive assistant salary opportunities

As EAs are so sought after, the average executive assistant salary is very competitive. They can start at US$65,400 and could reach anything up to US$98,000, depending on the experience and skills of the professional.

The most competitive remuneration packages are most likely to be offered by startups and well-established family businesses, both of which have shown strong demand for EA talent in previous years and will continue to seek it well into 2020.

The best executive assistant salary opportunities will go to professionals with experience in the GCC, and those with bilingual speaking capabilities (English and Arabic).

Training and flexible working are the most popular benefits being requested as part of an EA remuneration package, and professionals with the right skills and experience may find themselves in a good position to negotiate good benefits.

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