Head of legal salary 2021

Explore the average head of legal salary in the UAE

  • Head of legal
    US$215,000 – US$350,000
  • Regional legal counsel
    US$350,000 – US$261,000
  • Legal manager
    US$121,000 – US$165,000

Job prospects for head of legal

The head of legal role is one of the most sought-after roles within the UAE legal sector for 2020. Robert Half’s specialist UAE-based legal recruitment consultants have noticed a distinct uptick in demand — a natural follow on from last year’s increase in in-house lawyer recruitment.

The UAE is experiencing a push toward global best practice, the modernisation of approaches and the adoption of new financial regulations. Professionals with experience in commercial disputes and FinTech regulations can look forward to multiple offers from potential employers.

Employers are looking for Head of Legal professionals with good knowledge of local laws and procedures. To find the best prospects, professionals should look to roles within government entities or industries they have a strong interest in.

A new shift toward hiring for appropriate soft skills and cultural fit means that employers are also looking for professionals with specific professional traits. More specifically, those with integrity, high levels of confidence and effective communication skills will be the most appealing for open roles.

Head of legal operations salary opportunities

Hiring for in-house legal roles has increased and the head of legal salary is a reflection of this. Professionals can command a starting salary of approximately US$260,000 and could earn anything up to US$425,000 at the top end of the payscale.

The head of legal operations salary has good potential for negotiation, especially due to the high demand in the hiring market currently. Professionals with LLB or LLM degree qualifications, five or more years of proven experience in a senior legal role and fluency in both English and Arabic are likely to get the best salary offerings.

The remuneration package for the head of legal role is likely to be rounded out with unique benefits, such as enhanced paternity pay, wellness packages and extended annual leave, the latter being rewarded on a performance basis. These are being offered by 28% of CEOs as they compete for top talent in the UAE hiring market.

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