HR manager salary 2021

Explore the average HR manager salary in the UAE

  • HR manager/HR business partner
    US$81,750 – US$135,000
  • Regional HR manager
    US$130,750 – US$196,000

Job prospects for HR managers

The recent changes to labour laws have increased demand for human resources (HR) managers, and professionals are enjoying strong job prospects in the UAE.

The best job opportunities are going to HR managers with a Western education and bilingual capabilities (Arabic and English). Transformation experience and organisational development exposure is also something that employers are looking for in a HR manager.

As talent acquisition is so fierce across all sectors, HR managers with specific skills in building compensation and benefits packages have some of the best job prospects.

Hiring in the UAE is trending more toward soft skill consideration. HR managers with the soft skills needed to help support staff through digital transformation projects will see good demand from potential employers. Emotional intelligence, change management and communication skills are some of the most desirable.

HR manager salary opportunities

Human resource roles are tough to hire for, so HR managers with in-demand skills can enjoy competitive remuneration packages and are in a strong position to negotiate.

Our research shows that salaries for the human resources and administration sector vary based on the sector and the coverage. Established family businesses in the banking, financial services and government sectors offer rates which are slightly higher than the market average, as do roles with wider global coverage.

With this in mind, the average starting HR manager salary in the UAE is approximately US$81,700 but can go up to US$130,800 for regional HR managers.

At the top end, an HR manager salary can start at US$147,100 for HR managers and US$196,000 for regional HR managers. To reach the highest salary bandings, professionals should leverage their experience and demonstrate the desired soft skills (change management, emotional intelligence, leadership etc.).

Our research shows that employers are more likely to offer better job perks to more experienced senior professionals in this role.

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