Paralegal salary 2021

Explore the average paralegal salary in the UAE

  • Private practice: US$40,000 – US$83,000
  • In-house: US$64,000 – US$91,500

Job prospects for paralegals

Demand for legal professionals has risen in recent months as the modernisation of legal approaches continues into 2020. Not only are government entities through to multinational corporations eager to find and secure top legal talent, the burgeoning startup culture in the UAE is also showing good demand, especially within FinTech and retail sectors.

Paralegals with an excellent grasp of English are in high demand, especially those with a proficiency in drafting legal documentation and contracts in the local language. Employers are also keen to secure paralegal candidates who have several years’ experience in the role and who have a degree in Law, a paralegal certification or an LLB/LLM degree.

Hiring for soft skills and cultural fit has become more important to employers in the UAE, especially for paralegal roles, which are particularly reliant on specific soft skills. Professionals who can demonstrate excellent communication skills, good judgement and high attention to detail, may find they are more attractive to employers.

Paralegal salary opportunities

Paralegal professionals can enjoy good salary opportunities in the current hiring market. For entry-level professionals, the best paralegal salary opportunities are more likely to come from in-house roles — employers here will typically offer US$64,000 at the low end of the payscale. This is significantly higher than the US$40,000 that a private practice paralegal might get offered.

The entry-level offering is reflective of the current hiring trends within the legal sector, as larger companies look to bring their legal council in-house and wish to make a more appealing offer to new talent.

In contrast to this, the higher end of the paralegal payscale in the private sector is more generous than the in-house offering, and could reach anything up to US$100,000. Paralegals could increase their professional value by showing knowledge of local laws and procedures.

To complete the average paralegal salary, employers are offering flexible work schedules — this is even true for entry-level roles. Hiring managers are also planning to offer training as an incentive, as well as a range of more unique benefits, designed to entice new talent to the ranks.

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