Web developer salary

Explore the average web developer salary in UAE roles

  • Applications developer
    US$52,300 – US$125,100
  • Development manager
    US$88,000 – US$165,000

Job prospects for developers

The UAE hiring market is in short supply of qualified tech talent, which has driven up job prospects for skilled web developers. A thriving start-up ecosystem, impressive enterprise software and IT services growth and continued digitalisation of services is driving intense competition in the technology hiring market for 2020.

Artificial intelligence developers are set to be one of the most in-demand professionals within the UAE technology sector for 2020. Software developers are also seeing good job prospects as the product development needs of businesses continue to grow.

Employers are offering the best opportunities to web developers with full-stack development skills, and those with AWS or Azure certifications. Soft skills have also become a top priority for tech hiring, and our research shows that good adaptability, collaboration and interpersonal skills are among the most desirable.

Web developer salary opportunities

Salary opportunities for UAE-based web developers are promising, as businesses continue to invest in digital experience.

Across the UAE, 32% of employers have increased their base offering to help attract top talent into vacant roles. Because tech talent is so scarce and digital initiatives are top priority, professionals may find that they can negotiate a higher web developer salary in Dubai and the wider UAE, if they have the right technical and soft skills.

The highest salaries will go to professionals who have an MSc level qualification in computer science and project management skills.

Hands-on experience is also incredibly valuable to employers — they’re looking for professionals who can show that they have an expert understanding of responsive websites, CSS pre-processing platforms, front-end frameworks, CSS methodologies and advanced JavaScript frameworks.

Remuneration packages for web developers are likely to be rounded off with the offer of flexible working and employers should expect to regularly salary benchmark to reflect the constant evolution of tech roles in the UAE.

Expats may be able to take advantage of new incentives from employers, who are hoping to entice overseas talent by offering relocation assistance and cost-of-living support.

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